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29 Jan 2023


From Aka's desk to teenagers and young adults: BE BRAVE.

While I do not have as much knowledge as my mother about finances, I feel like I may have something of value that I can offer people that are around my age. This is one of the reasons that I decided to take the offer of a staff writer on this blog. My finance posts will be targeted at teenagers and young adults.

I remember having a somewhat deep conversation with my mother when I was about 10-12 years old. The subtle details may be interesting but I can only remember this conversation vaguely. It was about a career choice that I wanted to pursue at around that time. I remember expressing my fear of failure and how scared I was about working towards something and not succeeding at the end of it all. The heart wrenching pain of failing to achieve a lifelong dream that you have been working on for years is however an extremely irrational fear. It is something that most humans feel on a daily basis and it is why many have the ability to do something great but will never achieve it. The only way to become the best at anything is to be the best at believing in yourself.

No one you have looked up to succeeded by mistake and neither will you. I’ve always hated certain aspects and characteristics of my past self. I look at him fondly with the understanding that I will never be as unconfident and scared as that person ever again.

Statistically, you will not achieve your dreams. That statement may seem quite counterproductive to what I want to accomplish with this entry but it is true. Success is nowhere near guaranteed. Even if you work your hardest with the strongest amount of belief accompanied with zero fear whatsoever you will still fall flat. That does not mean you should stop working or believing. It only makes it way sweeter when you finally reach your desired destination.

Ultimately, we all have different goals and some are harder than others to achieve. Taking small steps towards your goals such as ensuring that you have an income source before taking on a big project or signing up for an internship to learn essential skills is a good way to achieve some success before reaching big milestones.

Aka Mathye is a teenage writer for Safe Investing SA. Aka offers a point of view from a perspective that cannot be easily replicated by anyone older than him. This makes his content digestible by young and creative minds trying to find their feet in life. If a young person has already found their feet, they may still be able to find Aka’s blog entries useful or interesting as well as any member of the previous generation.