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Thanks for stopping by. Let me introduce Mbini to you. I grew up not rich, not even middle class but very content. One of the things I was and still am really scared of  is poverty. I trained myself to work hard by having a side hustle almost throughout my life.
  • I sold candies from primary school
  • I paid my way through university selling cute dorm decor stuff that I made myself
  • I rode the MLM bandwagon after graduating together with my low paying job at the time
  • I tried property investing in my twenties and I was hooked, forever
  • I read books, got formal education and even worked as a real estate practitioner. I love this industry. 
  • I am a serious fan of ETFs.
Apart from my totally imbalanced portfolio (with great property investments, enough emergency fund and very bad stock balance), this blog has made a lot of flaws in my lifestyle come out alive:
  1. I am not frugal, SADLY. Off course I don't spend the money that I don't have. That's why I don't carry a credit card balance. I have no use for a credit card at all. I had it once and I found that it filled my wallet. UPDATE: I got myself a credit card a few months ago. My new small business needed that.
  2. I actually got myself a credit card a few months ago. I needed it for my small business.
  3. I'd rather make more money than live on too little. Don't get me wrong, I live on half of my income mostly and even far less sometimes. But I never skimp on my high quality food bill, I also don't know how many handbags I have. In my defense, I don't have too much of some stuff.
  4. I'm not fond of budgeting, but I track all my spending as I go. That helps me spend less, somehow. UPDATE: when I took a blogging break, did not track my spending and spent a bit much.
  5. I never lived with room mates after university and I always lived in a bigger space than an average single girl. I think I am compensating for growing up with many siblings in a small house. I still feel my current house is small but it is definitely not. My current house is rather too big for our family. It is a rental house in the making.
  6. I enjoy a spa treatment so very often, but I hate dining out. So that's balanced out. I do coffee alone and with friends more often than I should though.
  7. I don't know how it is to fight debt but I know how not to get into it. The fact that I contributed the most to my siblings' education makes me feel I had fought debt in a way. I still give my parents monthly financial support. Doing so makes me feel great. So is contributing to charity. I think giving is the highest return investment ever.
  8. We have foster children that we are planning to adopt.
This blog is significantly improving the way I handle my finances. I set goals, account to myself here and track my progress. Since I started this blog I spend less money on consumer goodies than I did before. I also read a lot of personal finance blogs to help me keep the focus. Most bloggers are living on way less than I even think is possible and that's what brings me close to being frugal.keeps my eye on the ball.

Hiring a financial advisor in 2004/05 was the beginning of who I have become on the personal finance front. My current greatest war is on I used to work very hard on killing my mortgage until we paid our home up at the time. We paid all my rental units up for me to earn a more decent monthly income and then went back to create more homeloan debt. That's close to my last salary. I may still go back to work next year if I so choose. I went back to work and am still liking it.

I am currently busy with the commercial property. My first.
Watch me grow my stocks whilst killing my homeloan acquiring more new assets!!!


  1. I think I can relate to you. I also started a blog about three months ago and It has actually helped me manage my finances. I am all for making extra money though I can also be very fugal.I don not have an investment portfolio yet.

  2. I just went to your blog Alice. So good to see a fellow African personal finance blogger. All the best in your journey.

    1. I'm afraid I've been a little thrifty although I occasionally go for weekendaways and like you SISA, love my bags, lol. But sadly, this didn't help much, I guess it's my money flow patterns. I haven't been savvy enough on investments and have been too much about saving. Now I know better and am happy I'll be learning more from your blog. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I actually love weekends away too Thoja. But I must be honest, it took us years to see our first holiday. I feel very blessed that I can go enjoy myself without feeling guilty or something.