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1 Nov 2011

Monthly Spending and Budget Report

Two months ago I started tracking my income and spending and that has made me a much better investor. Before that, I never knew how much of a consumer I was. Being conscious of your spending can be so healthy. I still hate drawing a budget but I am so aware of where my money comes from and where it goes. I am asking myself why I didnt start this blog earlier. I even decided to live in my house and stop house hunting because, for some reason my house is not that small anymore. Thats what this monthly spending report has done to me.

Real Estate 50% Percentage gone down because of increse in
Hubby Allowance 32% Doubled, I took all the real estate responsibility.
Once off 9% Gift from family
Online 9% About $100 growth this month.
Dividends 1% This is where I wana grow now.

My income went up but its an artificial growth because its all coming from my family. My online income is what is growing steadily. I got a good $100 increase this month. I hope to see another $100 increase in November.
Real Estate 22.4% 1 mortgage & taxes/rates
RA & Unit Trusts 6.5% Fixed
Loan to Business 7.7% Online income slowly taking care of business.
Internet/ Phones 0.9% Glad I could reduce this.
Consumer 0.6% Hubby took care of groceries. And I spent a
negligible amount here.
Bank Fees 0.3% Need to pay my bank a visit.
Giving 7.4%
Left for investing 54.1% Never had 50% left over to re-invest 

I nearly had a trip in October, which is postponed to November. Meaning my spending in November will be higher. October has been great in that I had an extra 54% left over at the end of it all. This means my savings are getting a boost. My properties are fully let, no vacancy. I will be replacing some closet doors though, which means November will be a pricey month.


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