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7 Aug 2012

Wealthy Life is Quite Boring

Wealthy life is quite boring NOT
Exactly as the title states, a road to a wealthy life is quite BORING. There is nothing glam and happening on the way to wealth. Your day is filled with spending less and less of what you make. Not to mention the stares and labels of what a loser you are, how you don't have class. Off course you mind but you are secure in your own skin and understand that building wealth is about discipline. Budgeting is boring, tracking expenditure is BORING. Who cares though, right will always be a bore. A friend once told me that I don't like nice things. Not in a bad way, just stating what she thought was a fact on a particular item I thought was just way too expensive. Too expensive meaning that I cant justify the expenditure at all.

And another friend, advising me to just sell all my rental units and buy a R2Million (should be worth R3M today) house in a very upmarket area and LIVE LARGE. I was a bit shocked, but yes I did go with her to view the house which she was planning to buy, and I fell inlove with it. I loved it for her and thought I cant possibly "afford" a house like that. By afford meaning, that house was not inline with my goals at the time. It still is not by the way. But it was very fine.  Bedrooms wrapped around in a huge balcony. A separate laundry room... and that was a big deal to me then. I now have my laundry corner in my garage and I'm happy with that "laundry room".

Funny thing is that, that same week my husband said to me "how about...we move to a smaller house and just LIVE LARGE". I couldn't stop laughing. My friend just used the same phrase in protest for a huge house and my guy uses it for a small house. My hubby loves boring and wealthy even more, I can tell you that. Makes me love him. But I wouldn't move to a smaller house than I live in. 200 square metres for a family of four is not extravagant in my opinion. Any size of a house is not extravagant when one can afford it, regardless of National Credit Regulation. Yeah, you guessed right, I will define that. Affording means paying for your house and the rest of your expenditure whilst you can still save/ invest and have a secure future at the same time. That's the boring part of wealth. You can't just spend without thinking about the future and defining what you actually mean. And to me, that is NORMAL.

I have had (still do have) a bit of fun and stupidity with my money too actually.
  • For starters, I can probably do with fewer shoes and bags,
  • I can also do with less jewellery, but I choose not to.
  • I shouldn't have paid for the gym membership if I was never gona use it. But I did, twice.
  • I didn't need a monthly spa treatment, but I reckoned if I don't spend on excessive out dining, drugs and alcohol, why the heck not,
  •  I dont need to go cosmetic shopping when I see the word SALE written in RED.
  • Exclusive books, exclusive books, exclusive books. I am learning to buy used books and hopefully use the library too.
However I am so very grateful that I am not:
  • Gutting down the kitchen that I bought with my house, because whilst its boring, its relatively new. That makes me feel responsible;
  •  Out there shopping for the leopard print boots that I wish I had so badly;
  • Spending all my hard earned cash every month;
  • Paying for a car installment for another few years;
  • Having coffee anymore since a few days ago;
  • Married to a spendaholic and my kids understand the value of money;
  • A miser and I help family whenever I can ALL the time.
BUT I'd rather have a pretty boring life than:
  • Live in debt because I love my sleep too much;
  • Rely on government in my old age;
  • Trade my boring life for a short lived glam of permanent poverty.
Whilst most believe that wealthy life is quite boring, LIVING LARGE is a matter of opinion. I choose BORING. How about you?


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