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19 Jan 2013

2012 FINAL Goal Review

Its 2012 Final Goal Review time. A little late but done. Our big holiday took most of my January but I was determined to do my "ALL year review". I still cant believe January is approaching its end too.
My overall goal was to live on less than 50% of my income and save/ invest the rest. I had all my finance tracking twisted. But I managed to keep the focus whilst tweeking my system. I also made a mistake of keeping part of my income out of the tracking. On average I saved and invested close to 30% of my income. Hubby invested and saved more.

  1. Online income to R5000 per month by December 2012. I reached R4500 by the end of the year online. I will give myself this goal because I worked hard. DONE
  2. Maintain at least 12 months expenses worth of an Emergency Fund. DONE
  3. Spend an average of 50% of my net income or less. I spent 70%.  FAIL
  4. Maintain giving of more than 10% of income DONE
  5. Buy a new rental property. Still in progress. DONE
  6. Remodel the duplex that we have put off the market. Prepare that property for rent by the end of 2012, when we no longer need to use it. Remodel the bathroom in a two bedroom property. FAIL
  7. Push for 70% equity on our home by December. Ended the year at 77% DONE
  8. Get retirement accounts to 45% of the target. DONE
  9. Get stocks to 55% of the current target. This is the most important personal finance goal for me. All my wealth growing energies are on this in 2012. DONE
I got a bit sick end 2011. I was diagnosed with PCOS which may have caused some insulin resistance. I put on a lot of weight in a short space of time. I have to put my treadmill, stationary bike, zumba, and tons of DVDs into good use. I am so embarrassed to mention them all by name. (LOST 12kg, 13kg 15kg in 2012)

  1. Holiday in the Mediteranean Europe outside my home country with hubby. We went with the kids.
  2. Spend great amount of time with my family. I spent the past two years in two cities/ countries. My properties kept me busy in one city whilst my business was in the other city.Looking forward to having more time with my family.DONE
  3. Visit my parents for at least 2 weeks. FAIL

Get training in some media form. This can be online. It can be anything from writing to publishing, production to public relations. Informal training. DONE

  1. Read at least one book per month. I have to make time for this. I already have a good number of books that are not read. DONE
  2. Finish all my unfinished home and craft projects. I have lots of material. I don't even need to buy new stuff. FAIL
  3. Do charity work as much as I can. DONE
Have fun whilst doing it all.


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