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25 Apr 2013


I don't make any money with this blog. Maybe not yet. What gives me joy is when someone says it has changed their lives and made them better at taking care of their finances. I got such an email this week. Such emails keep me going, honestly.

Hi there. Thank you for your blog - hubby and me have decided to start learning all there is to know on investing etc. We are not so young anymore (I'm 35,and hubby 40) and due to bad financial decisions in the past we need to start planning for the future ASAP. We have so much to learn as we never bought property before and investing in unit trusts, etc is very new to us! But I am on every site I can find on investing, wealth growing tips etc - one have to educate herself in order to make good (better!) financial decisions. I still want to read on some of your articles. Just wanted to thank you for putting it out there - so we newcomers can learn!
 I wish you all the best in what you are doing S. Its never too lat to start. The best part of this personal finance journey is the beginning and consistency. Never give up on your dream of financial independence. It DOES get easier with time.
And thank you for making my day.

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