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1 Jun 2013


I don’t know where to start. My life is quite hectic. We lived in the construction site for two weeks. After leaving the construction site slash townhouse being renovated it was all dust and no kitchen, no second bathroom and no shower frame. But I had to leave the good but slow handyman behind sweating it. It took me too many trials to finally get a trustworthy handyman. I feel very blessed.
Shower during renovations
 The kitchen design looks amazing. The kitchen company is delivering the wood today. And they promised to have the kitchen working on Wednesday. I just cant wait. Everything is done through the email exchange and whatsapp at this point. Photos, more photos, then approval, then more stuff that we forgot to buy. It never ends.
Shower during renovations

Some people ask why I go all out with finishes in the rental property. I understand their concerns because this is the very property that the poorly managed tenants trashed. But all my properties have to be at a certain standard. My property investment business is my true passion and the reflection of myself. I am not going to put tenants in a place I can’t live in myself. And that has paid dividends. I haven’t had much vacancies and had mostly long term tenants. On the plus side, my rental income will get a boost.
New kitchen for rental unit
Now that I am more relaxed in a dust free house, I am managing the renovations digitally. Its not ideal but I have lots of other stuff to do. Besides, I missed my stove and oven so badly. I am not good with dining out. This is the kitchen design I want for the rental unit. The kitchen company delivered the wood in the townhouse yesterday already. They will fit it next week. I just cant wait to go visit the place by mid June. Everything looks perfect from the photos taken by my sister and handyman.

Thats it people. Thats what I've been up to.
PS. We probably have finished paying up our only mortgage and our ONLY debt. Ecstatic doesn't even begin to describe how I feel.


  1. I like that you are a land lord who actually cares about how your tenants live. Loving the whole kitchen lay out. Will come for tips when my time comes
    Congs for paying off your debt!!!

  2. Thanks Kay and all the best to you.