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11 Jun 2014


Side income from writing:
Under a heading "Side Income I have a small income from my online writings." How do you get income from writing? I love writing and every penny will help.
 There are a lot of ways that one can make extra income. I wont dwell on them because your question is on writing income. What you are reading right now is my blog and one of the ways I publish my work. This blog doesn't make much for me in terms of income. I do however write on other topics and monetise my work and get some income from it.

All my work is published and sold online. If I had time, I would probably freelance too. I would write for online and offline media like magazines. I don't have the time. Maybe a few articles a month at the most would do.

I must add that my writing side income has gone down since I came back to work. I used to write an article or two most days when I worked from home. I enjoyed it. Writing relaxes me. Strange but very true. Hope you use your own skill and hobby to make money and build your wealth.


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