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11 Dec 2014


I am posting this passing through Kroonstad, Free State. My cousin and his fiancé are throwing a Thursday to Saturday wedding marathon in the Eastern Cape. It is a long drive. To readers from outside SA, our country is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Let me start with the review of my November 2014 goals. I actually followed through with a lot of what I planned.

On personal finance:
Net worth update and report - DONE.
Emergency Fund more than doubled in November - DONE.
We didn't reach the 10% of giving because we received money we did not expect. NOT DONE
In real estate we were to enforce security in our home. NOT DONE
Interest was minimal and dividends were low. DONE
Online income grew by 7% and not the 25% planned. NOT DONE
Enrolling for a short course. NOT DONE

Not impressive performance. I'm glad I tried.

NET WORTH: The overall plan is definitely to grow the net worth. The target is growing it by 2.5%
EMERGENCY FUND: I won't focus on this at all. I will set no targets. I will transfer money if I so wish. We have enough funds for emergencies. I can't live with myself having too much cash earning 5.25%.
STOCKS: We plan to up this by 25% by March 2015.
GIVING: We will maintain giving of more than 10% of income.
REAL ESTATE: Sell one unit as part of fundraising for the fast approaching commercial property development.
EXTRA INCOME: Working on taking my online income up by at least 55% by the end March 2015.

What are your personal finance plans for 2015?


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