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12 Apr 2017


Sharing goals with friends, family and other like-minded people can help provide one with the much needed support. This may also provide a safe place to "sort of" account on implementation and progress. I am very much aware that this is a non-negotiable NO for many people. But the outlier in me makes this perfectly OK, at least for myself. Well, I am evidently a blogger. You know, the crazy bunch that deliberately thinks aloud.
Sharing goals
In the previous post, we detailed how to set personal finance goals. If you haven't already, go check the post before this one. You will not be disappointed *broad smile*. Having set the smart goals, I find that sharing them with just one person helps me strive to bring them to fruition. I cannot be the only one who thrives on support. Anyway today's post will be about me…of course, my self centeredness knows no bounds *more smiles*.

For as long as I can remember I had an accountability buddy. My accountability person is usually a like-minded friend who also derives similar benefits from the friendship. In my twenties I had a friend who impeccably played this role in the finance area of my life. She had a lot of goals herself, which gave a high degree of mutuality to this accountability role. We never planned to keep each other accountable, but we did. She would tell me how she plans on paying her apartment up in a very short space of time. I would do the same. That is when most of our friends were shopping just to kill time and to feel "rich".

I later started this blog, specifically to keep myself accountable. I account to myself with no reservation here. If I set a goal using this blog, I am sure to achieve it at the set time. But this happens when I commit to constant reporting. You may not have been following me for long enough to have been part of my mortgage pay up journey that I took about 6 years ago. I was very excited each time I write the progress report. This pushed me to pay more on the mortgage, to beat my set target deadline. All of this happened here in the open, in my blog. I did that until my mortgage was fully paid. What a feeling!I attribute my bond repayment success to the target setting and tracking that I was doing in this space.

I still share some of my goals with close friends. Apart from that, I have set an accountability club on Facebook to keep myself and others accountable to ourselves. It is a closed group with like-minded friends. Every month each of us reports on progress towards achieving their set goals. One may have only one goal communicated to the group. Reporting is done in the form of sharing evidence which is done monthly on all set goals. The regular updates keep each member of the group accountable not only to us as group members but to themselves too. I would recommend this approach to anyone who has ambitions to build wealth.

Sharing goals does have its cons too by the way. One has to be careful when they choose their accountability buddies. Negative buddies are to be steered clear of. I know people who bring so much negative energy to one's excitement and dampen the spirit. Choose wisely.


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