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2 Jun 2019


I am so grateful to be doing this again. These are my first personal finance monthly goals in 4 years. I am back to this and more. I need to keep myself motivated again. It will be great getting into 2020 following a smooth planning rhythm.
June personal finance goals
Did I mention that I have not had a job in over a year? My last job was supposed to be a part time gig, except, it was too hectic. Let us look at the June personal finance goals.


NET WORTH: I have not measured my net worth in 4 years too. I will have to check the values of all my investments and real estate debt, add determine the net worth. It is an exhausting exercise. I need to locate the spreadsheet I had drawn for this exercise in the past.

EMERGENCY FUND: I am so happy to report that my emergency fund is intact. I am keeping the EF at the very minimum levels. It is saved in the 24-hour (one day) notice bank account.

OTHER SAVINGS: I have a 32 days notice account. I just like how generous the interest rates are on this account.  I keep a small amount in it and whenever I have funds to keep, I store them here.

GIVING: Giving is one of the most important activities in my family. We give more than 10% of the income. We are intentional about it. It is a permanent feature in our plan and budget. You will see it monthly. I will also post about it at some point.

REAL ESTATE: There is not much that we are doing here. No new acquisitions. I am only doing repairs to and cleaning up the property that will have new occupants mid-June.

STOCKS AND DIVIDENDS: My Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are at their lowest level ever. I withdrew quite a bit last year. I started a new work from home business. Setting up cost a small fortune.

INCOME: I constantly look for gigs for my business.
Online income has not improved since 2015. I maintained the same earning rates. I only started working on this last week. For four years I have not done anything. I am giving it a year to get to a constant flow.

Family: I spend a good amount of time with my family lately. I make the time but I also work from home, which gives me ample time to do so. I will travel sometime in June for a short family holiday.
Personal Improvement: I need to study more. I am a student this year. I commit to competing 2 chapters this month. SIGH. I will also walk more this month to get close to my 10,000 steps per day. Winter is the worst time to keep fit for me. I will also get back to a strict Keto diet with some intermittent fasting thrown in for good measure. I enjoy following a food plan. I wish every area of my life was this orderly.
Social: I will meet a friend or associate for coffee every two weeks.

End of June we will be back to check if I managed to achieve any of my June personal finance goals. But every Sunday, I review my progress. Hope you have your own goals dotted down. Let us know if you are up for the challenge, even without details.
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