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21 Dec 2011

Monthly Spending and Budget Report Nov'11

My monthly spending and budget report is what keeps me focused. You may notice this is very late. I struggled to post it here because of my ridiculously high overspending. I helped my baby sister with her college fees. I like it when I do that but I never got an opportunity to see it in black and white in my report. Anyways tracking my income and spending has made me much better at taking care of my personal finances. Being conscious of my spending proved to be healthier than I ever imagined. I still hate drawing a budget but I am very aware of where my money comes from and where it goes.

My November 2011 monthly spending and budget report:

Real Estate 54% It helps that all (but one) mortgages are paid off.
Hubby Allowance 35%
Once off 0%
Online 11% I made my target. Its still tiny but I'm not complaining.
Dividends 0% This is not monthly YET. 2012 will be spent growing this
My income is back down to where it should be, it was a very normal month. My online income keeps growing (close to $50 increase for November). December is usually a bad month, I'm not holding my breath. 
Real Estate 35.9% 1 mortgage, gas & taxes/rates. I overpaid somewhere.
RA & Unit Trusts 7.3% Fixed
Loan to Business 0%
Internet/ Phones 1% I keep this very low.
Consumer 12.9% Groceries and all that jazz.
Bank Fees 0.9% Shocking
Giving 56.9% My contribution to baby sister's college fee. Its not a loan.
To Invest -14.9
We had a trip in November. Unlike in October where I had an extra 54% left over at the end of it all, November saw me 15% in deficit. There go my savings. The real estate assets are doing well, all my properties are fully let, no vacancy. My handyman disappointed me though, some small work still needs to be done in my one apartment.


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