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21 Jul 2013


Back in October 2012 I wrote about my deceased estate transaction. Only yesterday, I emailed the lawyers that I have lost interest in the deal. Who can blame me. I started this investment process in September 2012 and its now almost August 2013. The lawyers mentioned the challenge they have with the wrong municipal bill amounts and their difficulties rectifying them.
my deceased estate transaction
Anyway, I just got an email from a reader by the name of Jason.
"do you have a continuation on your story? email it to me."
I will email Jason. In any case, this is the story:
Lawyers did their long tango dance. Like I mentioned in my initial post, I was not going to be bothered by how long this transaction takes. The problem I have now is the fact that this project is still outstanding. Something about an incomplete project drains the energy out of me. I feel so drained each time I think of it. Can I be blamed? Its almost a year, anyone would be bound to crack, right?

This is my second try at the deceased estate transaction, and the experience is similar to the first one. I don't know if I will try my hands in the third one. Never say never though. I will wait to hear from the lawyers tomorrow. I feel relieved already. The seller (daughter of the deceased) is the one who kept me hoping. We finally got introduced, talked on whatsapp and facebook. And then I got my emotions entangled because I was all of a sudden dealing with someone I thought I knew. So I hung in there. I don't know if holding on to this deal was a great thing. If I cut my losses earlier, I would have moved on to another deal, I suspect. That may have ended up being a good or bad thing, depending on the deal I go to. Now that I couldn't go to another deal, I managed to focus more on the stocks. I feel its been a great move.

There it is folks. My deceased estate transaction seems to have fallen through again. Thanks for asking Jason.
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