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24 Jul 2013


I promised to write on how to pay a homeloan quicker in the post on how to consolidate debt using a mortgage yesterday. This is part of our Dealing with Debt series. This is kind of how we paid our last bond and the previous six quick. I know, I know, I am contradicting myself here, but if you are not in the business of property, you are better off in a paid up house. Debt is draining.
We are now searching for a house AGAIN. Our previous home is now a rental property. The challenge that I have is that, I have quite a bit of stuff that needs space. I have exercise equipment that are now too much for the place. Don't ask if I use them regularly or not please. But in my case, I feel having them stops me from signing another gym contract. I used to have a gym contract all the time, until I decided to buy my own equipment. Anyway, back to our topic on "how to pay a homeloan quicker".

Most of our homeloans in South Africa are a standard 20 years. Mine was 30 years, other people choose a 15 year term. Those terms mean nothing but the maximum term because we are lucky to never be restricted to that term. We sign those terms and decide if we really want to stick to the term or shorten it. I will make an example using a R500,000 house like our yesterday example. It's much easier to follow the logic of figures when you have calculations in front of you.

Make Monthly Extra Payments
Even a R100 extra in your homeloan makes a huge difference. I will use R500 and R1000 in my examples.
R500,000 homeloan; at current 8.5% prime rate; 20 year term
You pay R500 extra every month and pay your bond up in 15.5 years. You see how R500 sheds 5 years off your repayments. If you pay R1000 extra you'll pay your bond in just below 13 years. Remember yesterday we worked on R2000, which results in paying up your loan in less than 10 years. If your bond is R1Million, you may just double the figures. Extra payments are worth that sacrifice.

Pay your Bonus to Homeloan
Those who have a 13th cheque in their jobs can put most or all of it into the homeloan. Lets say instead of the R1000 per month, you put the R12,000 once every year into the bond. You will end up paying your bond in 13 years or so. This is what I did, on top of monthly extra payments. I paid my first property in 4 years. It was very tough to do that, but the income from renting it out later was SWEET.

Refinance and Negotiate Interest Rates
Most people never negotiate anything with their banks. Its time you start. If you have a clean credit record you may go see them and ask that they lower your interest rate after a few years. The worst case scenario is them refusing. If they do refuse, you can always switch to a bank that is interested to your business at a lower rate. Lets say you get 1% rate cut. This lowers your payments by more than R300. If you pay that R300 back to the bond, you shave 3 years off your bond. Can you see how even that little helps?

There is more tricks and tips on how to pay a homeloan quicker. These are the simpler methods.

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