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24 Nov 2014


I took a decision to document the projects I plan on undertaking in 2015 to build on my 2015 goals. The first one in my mind is the trial furnished letting.
I know a few bloggers who let small apartments or rooms in their homes and listing them at AirBNB. It is usually for short term stay from a few days to a week. I am warming up to the idea of a furnished rental. We've always loved staying in self catering apartments when we go for short holidays. However, with my lazy approach in mind, I would skip the daily rental option and go for a monthly rental. A more hands off approach suits my passive income approach more. This is my 2015 project plan 1 of probably 5. I would target to implement this particular one by mid-year.

2015 project plan 1 - the estate nature reserve
One of my properties which is a perfect fit for this kind of a project is in a gated residential estate. The picture above was taken from the exclusive nature reserve within the estate. Furnished, this unit could bring in double its current monthly rental. I would love to get a few years tenancy contract like the ones entered into with corporate clients. Especially if we assume that my tenant will be pretty decent and not break my furniture or scratch stuff. This unit pretty much ticks all the boxes for an up market furnished rental. Below is a list of what could attract my target tenant.

1. Security
The main selling point for this particular unit is security. Whilst I got over living in such an exaggerated security place, my tenants seem to love it. Security is costly but it pays you back. I've had the current family occupy the unit for more than three years. People feel safe in estates with controlled entry and exit.

2. Look and Feel

It doesn't matter how glamorous your place is, high paying tenants want to be in spectacular surroundings. Like your agent would say "LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION". Apart from the location, your furniture has to be of quality with a nicely landscaped garden. Most ridiculous but true is that, the neighbour has to also maintain the same look and feel standards. Everyone is forced to keep up with the Joneses in these estates. The whole estate is run like a well oiled machine. Roads for cars, walkways, bicycle and baby stroller pavements should be at their best look all the time. These are things you look for when shopping for an up market rental property.

2015 project plan 1 - the estate dam
In this particular estate, there is a nature reserve with a dam, nature breeding spots and lots of various water and land breeds of animals. This offers a tranquil walking, jogging and cycling trail. It is also a requirement that you keep your home neat and presentable at all times. Forcing your tenant's neighbours to be an ideal match for them. 

3. Lifestyle

The place is peaceful and relatively safe. One may jog, walk, cycle or picnic in the dam area with friends and family on weekends. This type of a tenant loves to have those options, even when they never use them. Noise levels are also controlled. That is a part of the controlled estate lifestyle that does not suit me and my family. Complaints I received over the past few years are that of my tenants' dog barking at night.
furnished property letting project
 4. Convenience
School buses collect school kids at the estate gate to local schools. There is a few well recommended private schools in the area. Wi-Fi is now being organised to be available throughout the estate. It is obviously cheaper to pay the telecoms service provider as a collective than as an individual.

All of the above sell a furnished property to the tenant. The subject unit is also a good size with 4 bedrooms and 3 living areas. That is a great size for an expatriate family on a contract employee with school going children. A good maintenance free garden comes with its own garden services. It is exciting just thinking about this project.

That is one of my projects for 2015. Do you have plans for the coming year?


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