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10 Sept 2011

Closer Look at my Spending Patterns

Things went out of hand with my monthly cash flow balance in August, and maybe a few months before that. I think when you have no debt to fight, you lose track pretty easily. I decided to track my spending, for the first time ever in my life. Hope that goes well.

I had a credit card for a year in my 20s and I decided to get rid of it. I realized that I was happier without it. Indeed, I am. But I must say, it sounds kind of dumb not to have a credit card at the moment. I withdraw (5-8% of my expenditure) cash every month as I worry that my debit card wont work everywhere. I think it actually does work everywhere but I am always thinking of the worst that can happen. And yes, I did make a purchase from a Chinese shop last month and they only take cash. But I can do without that one shop.

See my spending for last month.

August Spending (not budget)
My gifts were also higher due to my niece's trip abroad for a school tour. She was too excited and for some strange reason, I was too. Talk about living your dreams through the kids. I love giving, but it seldom goes above 15%.

We also traveled to an island (on Mr's budget), and did another one week holiday as a family. That sent all my financial sanity out the window. Remember that I had no emergency fund too, and that's about to change in September. I have adjusted my emergency fund savings to a whole 11% of my spending. Anything left over is going to my planned investment trial.

September Spending
I also tried to do the weekly grocery shopping, instead of more often. That is going well so far. I can see some savings in that. What was I thinking going to the food store more often? I may have to take an unplanned trip too. That will be a bummer to my budget plans.

How does your spending look like? Where do you invest the most? What do you indulge in the most?


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