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13 Sept 2011

Complaints Against Tenants

Yesterday, I got an email with the subject "complaints against tenants" from the homeowner association's administration. I knew that I am in big trouble.
Dear owner
 We have received complaints against your tenants

Their children have been playing in the estate and throwing rocks at the other units. 
They cracked a window at unit 5 , we have already notified the other children’s parents who were involved.

Please let me know who you wish to resolve this. We can either obtain a quotation from a contractor to fix the window and split the costs between you and the other unit’s owner or you can speak to your tenants and let them fix the window at their own cost.

Please get back to me regarding this on or before the 19th of September 2011.
I've never had problems with this unit. Its in a very up market area. I could imagine how furious the owner is. What made me feel better, as I'm out of town/ country, was that this is one of the units that have the property manager. I responded to both the admin lady and copied the property manager.
I am very sorry to hear this xxx. I am copying *property manager*, my letting agent in this email. I never experienced problems in the estate before. I apologize. *property manager* will work it out with the tenant (his client).
These are the times that make me happy to have a property manager. At this point I thought I have transferred all the responsibility. The admin girl will just deal with the property manager to sort this out. The next email will definitely be to say "its sorted, at the tenant's cost". Oh well, the next email did come:
Thank you
The tenant of unit 5 did speak to the parents and they did apologize and agree to pay half of the expenses
This is the first incidence and clearly these tenants are not bad. Then I went on with my business. And then another email:
Thanks *admin girl*. I appreciate the great job *admin company* is doing in taking care of my investment. Let me know if we (*property manager* and I) need to intervene at any point.
I have to say things like this because I'm too nice you know! Well now I assumed that's over until the *admin girl* sent the last email:

 Could  you please arrange with your letting agent to speak with the tenant again, the contractor is their today for the quotation, will forward it to you as soon as I receive it
 Why am I in this business. If this were shares, I wouldn't even know there are problems with a property the fund has invested in. But I cant help it, this is my first love. I am still learning the share trading and for now, happy to have a broker taking care of my interests. Maybe next year.
The interesting part is that, my property manager didn't respond to any of the emails. Yes he paid attention to the problem but he never responded to any of the emails. My last email was that I hope he was following the conversation with *admin girl* about complaints against tenants. I then added that, its quite urgent. I still got no email back.
I think people need more communication skills. More so when they are in a services business. Everything is all about communication. I needed that for peace of mind. Everything was sorted, so I must get over it.


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