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2 Oct 2011

Monthly Spending and Budgeting Report

Last month I started tracking my expenditure and drawing a budget, sort of. I am very glad I did. My impulsive spending has been tamed, remarkably. I even took over a few financial responsibilities from hubby's hands. Here we go:
Real Estate = 64%
Allowance = 22% (I get this from hubby because all work from home spouses do, I think.)
Online =13% (This is growing, makes me very glad. The $500 per month target is so close)
Surprise Dividends = 1% (not worth talking about)
Real Estate = 42% (about $300 more this month due to the added tasks taken from hubby's hands)
Gifts = 10%
Home Making = 6%
Small Investments/ Policies = 7%
Phone & internet = 2%
Loan to my small business = 9%
Left for Investments = 23%

I realized that other personal finance bloggers write the amounts. I don't think I'm ready to that for now. I am not frugal, I just work hard at increasing my income streams. I now have the luxury of working from home and spending a great amount of time with my daughter and son (after school). Nothing compares to that, but going back to work part time is an option that I never completely crossed off my list.
I did stick to my budget guide. Nothing beats writing stuff down to help one commit. I took over paying taxes and gas for our holiday place from hubby. Lets just say, we have to have this home. Its a necessary temporary expense.

I still cant believe I managed to remain with more than 20% of my income to invest or save. It makes me feel so responsible about my future and that of my kids.
A huge plus on the income front is that I got a tenant for the duplex that was to be vacant this month. Whoohooo! My new single mom tenant is happy and unpacking her stuff. Tomorrow is the day she sends me her wish list---SIGH.

I will be happy to maintain my budget as it is this month. I will be fixing minor stuff in the duplex which takes me a little out of my budget. This blog is my best time investment for the year.


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