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4 Oct 2011

Tenants' Rights and Landlord Obligations

Tenants' Rights and Landlord Obligations
Over and above the tenants' rights and entitlement to certain minimum standards of accommodation, I would love to think that I go an extra mile to provide my tenants with comfort. I have never rented a unit I wouldn't occupy myself. I pride myself in that. I believe its for that reason that I received an email more than twice from my new tenant declaring her love for her new home... makes me happy. 

*to your left is the image of when this property was being remodeled in 2010. It was really bad*

Off course my tenant has filled my move in move out checklist and identified the following to be faulty.  

Tenant’s checklist
  1. Kitchen stove’s plug came off the wall
  2. Bathroom sink is cracked. It may start leaking.
  3. There is a problem with the bath drainage system. It is quite urgent.
  4. Guest toilet sink is coming off the wall and needs to be attached.
  5. All bedroom cupboard doors need to be replaced or re-attached. They are loose at the hinges.
  6. 1 bedroom cupboard shelves need to be replaced.
  7. The balcony door doesn’t close properly.
  8. Geyser (water heating) cupboard needs to be closed 
  9. The toilet seats in both toilets are broken
  10.  The bathroom mirror is broken
I may have missed on telling you that this property was completely remodeled just over a year ago to prepare it for rental. Why does stuff have so much short shelf life when it comes to rental property and tenants? I am happy that there is no major project, but the small repairs do add up and can become too costly.
Having a tenant who seems to be reliable helps though. I hope she keeps being that way. And a huge bonus is that I got me a handyman again. He came highly recommended. I don't think I will easily bounce back if he disappoints me. I trust the property manager who recommended him.


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